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Suspens Jr.® shines on hip hop release ‘Kids Drink Pina Colada’


Suspens Jr® is a teen hip hop recording artist, songwriter and musician hailing out of Florida. While other kids are shopping for Christmas this holiday season, Suspens Jr® is recording new music in the studio and promoting his music release on iTunes, “Kids Drink Pina Colada.”

“Kids Drink Pina Colada” is his new hit track gaining momentum since its release on iTunes. His gift to write and perform shine in his high energy performance on the track.

“Kids Drink Pina Colada,” is suited for both kids and adults. Suspens Jr® is fierce on the mic illustrating how kids can party with pineapple juice aka Pina Colada. The song’s video shows kids mixing juice and dancing to the track with Suspens Jr® bringing to the forefront his skills as a rapper, keyboardist and actor on camera. A home grown professional rapper, music fans are taking notice of him as a unique talent on the rise.



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