Nickelodeon is moving full steam ahead with an impressive roster of new and returning television shows set to air during this fall season. Game Shakers is one of the network’s popular series returning with all new shows launching in September. Game Shakers has television appeal thanks to the solid chemistry of the cast and innovative premise of the show created by Dan Schneider.

This fall season promises to deliver new, engaging episodes built around its comedic theme. The story continues as two 12 year-old girls who created a gaming app find new ways to promote with a rapper(Double G) to take their gaming company to the top.  Kel Mitchell returns as Double G leading the comedic antics with Nick stars Cree Cicchino, Madisyn Shipman, Benjamin “P-Nut” Flores Jr., and Thomas Kuc.

In a recent interview with Double G aka Kel Mitchell, he shared some insight into what fans can look forward to this season on the new episodes of Game Shakers:

Interview with Kel Mitchell as Double G:

Sunset Scoop: Off the set, do you consider yourself a gamer?

Kel Mitchell: I wouldn’t say a “gamer” but I do enjoy games old and new.

Sunset Scoop: What is your favorite games that you enjoy playing?

Kel Mitchell: My favorite game of all time is Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sunset Scoop: How does it feel to have a successful career as an actor?

Kel Mitchell: Its awesome! I love what I do it is truly a blessing.

Sunset Scoop:  Do you enjoy playing the role of Double G and why?

Kel Mitchell: I love it! Double G is your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper! He is a great father but not your average television father. He is a hip hop rockstar that loves going on wild adventures.

Sunset Scoop:Tell us about some of your favorite moments working on Game Shakers?

Kel Mitchell: Double G’s musical performance on the first episode of first season, when I got my arm ripped off by Mego the crazy robot and got a trionic arm as a replacement. Every episode that has Double G parking his Helicopter on the roof of the Game Shakers building. The rap battle episode.  Also the episode Double G sings a duet with his favorite singer but her voice was terrible. But some of the best moments are the bloopers and behind the scenes shenanagins are the best on set. We have a fun crew and cast and we enjoy working together!

Sunset Scoop: What are some of the things viewers can expect from your character and from the show this new season?

Kel Mitchell: Brand new games from the Game Shakers. The stunts are on a whole new level this season so expect to see tons of action. More original Double G songs.

Game Shakers airs on Saturdays @ 8:30PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon.