TV sports fans have a lot to celebrate this fall season when it comes to high energy television shows to look forward to. Here is the good news. Crashletes is back by popular demand. The reality-sports series is up for season two with a new set of high impact shows airing this fall on Nickelodeon television network.

New England Patriots Super Bowl Champion Rob Gronkowski with co-hosts Stevie Nelson and Brandon Broady are back from summer break and ready to take the bar up a notch this season. The show returns with a whole new set of epic sports fails caught on video featuring amateur athletes from around the world.

This season is slated to include a number of surprises including appearances from top athletes in the world of sports.   Tony Hawk (celebrity skateboarder), Von Miller (Denver Broncos), and Andre Drummond (Detroit Pistons) are a few of the top players on deck to come on the show this season.

Crashletes is a one of a kind reality show that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with its high energy, sports driven content. Viewers have the opportunity to watch amateur athletes in a safe zone where they can soar with the competitive spirit even when they experience an epic fail in performance. From the hosts to the Crashletes with their unique content, this show is proving itself to be a hit series on Nickelodeon.

In a recent interview with stars Stevie Nelson and Brandon Broady, they each shared their excitement about returning for the new season and what fans can be excited about:

Feature Interview with Stevie Nelson and Brandon Broady:

Sunset Scoop:  How does it feel coming back for the second season for Nickelodeon’s Crashletes? Are you excited?

Stevie Nelson: Coming back for a second season feels so good and so right. I want to come back for a season 3, season 4, season 156… you get the point. I love this show and I could not be happier to have a second season.

Brandon Broady: It feels awesome coming back for a second season of Crashletes. I got so used to being around Rob Gronkowski and Stevie so much, I didn’t understand life when we weren’t all together. I am very excited for our return.


Sunset Scoop: Tell us about some of the things viewers can look forward to this season. Any surprises?

Stevie Nelson: Season two is filed with surprises, but if I shared them with you, they wouldn’t be surprises anymore so I’m going to zip my lips. What I can tell you is that you can expect a lot of special appearances, some really fun sketches and of course, a ton of fails.

Brandon Broady: This season without a doubt tops last season! We have more chemistry with each other and the packages are wilder, which makes the funny come so easy. Viewers can stay on the lookout for some surprise celebrity guest athletes.


Sunset Scoop: What do you love most about working on the show?

Stevie Nelson: There’s so much to love working on Crashletes.  I love my co-hosts, Gronk and Brandon, they make coming to work feel hanging out with (really tall) friends. I love watching all the fails and never knowing what we’re about to see happen. I especially love the crew and the producers, they’re so inclusive and collaborative that it feels like a real team effort.

Brandon Broady: This season I had the opportunity to help produce on the show as well as host, so it’s awesome being able to see my own ideas come to life.


Sunset Scoop:  Any guests who you’d like to plug for this coming season?

Stevie Nelson: Oh man, we have so many guests this season. I won’t tell you any specifics except I’ll leave you with this: ALL OF THEM ARE TALL and that Andre Drummond is my new BFF.

Brandon Broady: Meeting Tony Hawk was awesome because I used to watch him skate and play his video games growing up. He even signed my copy of Tony Hawks Underground.


Sunset Scoop:  Any special or funny moments on the set behind the scenes that you’d like to share regarding the first season.

Stevie Nelson: I think everything about the first season was special because we really were still figuring out the feel of the show, so there were a lot of bloopers, mispronunciations of words and definitely a lot of me not catching balls that were thrown at me.

Brandon Broady: One moment that stands out was when, a basketball hoop fell on the set. The crazy part is I was standing where the hoop fell seconds before. If it hit me I guess it would have made a great Crashletes’ moment.

Crashletes is scheduled to air Monday through Friday at 7pm Eastern on Nickelodeon.