America’s Got Talent took in top numbers on the Nielsen ratings during the finale of Season 11 as viewers sat on the edge of their seats awaiting the announcement of the new champion for 2016.

12 year old Grace VanderWaal claimed the top spot in a triumphant win on the hit talent series. VanderWaal competed with other front runners on the hit series making it to the top two with another crowd favorite, the  Clairvoyants.

When VanderWaal’s name was announced, it took her by surprise. Howie Mandel ran up to the stage to VanderWaal who was overcome with joy. Mandel cheered her on along with the fans sharing his support of her talent by stating, “You sang that ‘every person is a shining star.’ Grace, you are a shooting star.”

Simon Cowell gave her a standing ovation along with audience members in a moment of unified agreement that VanderWaal’s natural talent is what America needs and has been looking for. As the new winner of America’s Got Talent, she is scheduled to appear in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood along with other appearances.

Grace VanderWaal entered the contest making her national television debut embracing pure music as a singer/songwriter and ukulele player. Her vivacious energy and terrific smile captured audiences from her first appearance. She shared with the world that she believes in miracles.  Today she received her miracle becoming the new season champion.

Here is a throwback to her original audition on the hit series: