Nickelodeon is gearing up for the debut of a highly anticipated new series featuring 15-year-old skateboarding star, Jagger Eaton. When it comes to the art of skateboarding, Jagger’s talent is on the level of a master as he displays high speed twists and airborne flips to the amazement of fans. Jagger Eaton is also one of the industry’s bright new television stars on the rise on the Hollywood entertainment scene. Jagger stars in the new Nickelodeon series, “Jagger Eaton’s Mega Life.”

The show takes viewers on a journey with Jagger as he meets up with his favorite sports idols and takes on various challenges in a high energy reality style docu-series format. Jagger teams up with top players from the NBA, NFL and other major sports leagues. Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh and Nascar drivers Harrison and Bubba Wallace are several sports legends scheduled to appear on the series.

In a recent one on one interview in Hollywood, Jagger happily shared about his new found success in landing his very own television series. He credits his father for helping him discover the world of skateboarding. It all began one day when his dad purchased a board for him. He found it was more than a hobby. He discovered that he was a quick learner with a drive to soar to new heights in the routines he would construct and perform. Jagger’s work ethic and drive to meet new challenges are part of his formula for success and the essence of the new docu-series.

In speaking about his feelings on having a television show of his very own, Jagger shared, “This is a dream come true for me. I find myself going wow. I feel very thankful. At the same time, I believe that when you envision that you can accomplish a goal and work hard, it is possible you can get there especially when you have a group of people around you who believe with you and work with a team spirit,“ says Jagger Eaton.

His amazing energy and appeal are part of his charisma on camera that brings excitement to his new reality style television show on Nickelodeon. In one of the first episodes he meets NFL wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald where he talks to Larry about football and his message to viewers about goal settings. Jagger amps up the interview taking on the challenge of Larry throwing football passes to him while he skateboards up and down steep ramps on the set. In another episode, Jagger takes fans on the adventure of visiting his favorite sushi restaurant along with his family and taking on the family sushi challenge.

When he’s off the set, Jagger is focused on studying to achieve in school. Education is super important to him. Jagger’s favorite subjects include math and science. Looking at his bright personality, talent and natural charisma, Jagger Eaton is a role model plain and simple with the talent to take on a new sports driven television show that is sure to rise to the occasion in the eyes of viewers this fall on Nickelodeon’s well rounded programming schedule.

“Jagger Eaton’s Mega Life.” debuts on 9/9 at 7:30 pm on Nickelodeon Network.